Final Exam Expectations

10th On-Level English Final Exam will consist of two parts. The first part of the final exam will be a written component to assess writing/comprehension skills where students will respond to a passage in C/E/A format with a specific prompt. The second portion of the final will consist of a multiple choice assessment where students are assessed on all things covered during the second semester.

  • The study guide, above, is a list of things that will help students prepare for the comprehensive final.
  • The Google Document includes all material covered during the semester.
  • The list includes hyperlinks that will provide resources for students to review/study/prepare.
    • Students will need to bring their own devices fully charged as a portion of their final will be accessed digitally.
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Re: Passion Project

Students are often pressed with the question, what are you passionate about. The reply may come quickly to some, but for others, there is a struggle to truly know what one is passionate about. For this enrichment project, students will be exploring multiple intelligences independently through an activity that will be called a Passion Project. A Passion Project can consist of an actual project, or it can consist of what a student would like to learn more about.

  • Students will be exploring multiple intelligences independently
  • This is student-driven with minor/major checkpoints
  • Open Google Doc for Instructions & Expectations
  • OPEN 10OL Blog Tracker + Input Blog URL
  • Mandatory Post per week for a minor completion grade (tbd)
  • Final Project will count for a major grade w/ a tbd presentation…
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Roots Test – Tuesday, May 7th (Major)

  • Students will be assessed based on Root Lists 9- 16   
    • Students should study Root Lists 9- 16   
    • The assessment will count as students 3rd major assessment
    • Roots Test on Tuesday, May 7th (Major Assessment)
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Exploratory Writing Unit (Expectations)

This unit will focus on different modes of writing. The unit will be broken up into four sections: Argumentative, Definition, Narrative, and Persuasive. Students will have at least 4-10 writing prompts that will guide their writing during this unit. The goal is simple, improve your writing through various scenarios that will require students to use their critical thinking skills. This unit will be about style as well as learning how to craft your message so that it is well received by a targeted audience.  

  • Students will have an extended essay assignment at the end of the unit. Specific guidelines will be given at the time of extended assignment that will count for a major.
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Re: Parent/Guardian/Student Agreement (America To Me)

During our last 9 weeks of school, students will be participating in a Multimedia-Based Discussion Unit. Students will be watching Snippets/Excerpts of a documentary called America To Me via Starz Network.  During the viewing, students will be completing a 5, 4, 3, 2, +1 Viewing Guide that will help drive the discussion.

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Re: Formal Public Speaking/Debate Expectations

Task Summary: At the end of the unit, students will have a formal debate/assessment graded in accordance with the following rubric: here. Students should use practice debates to get familiar with the following: speaking, teammates, research skills, debate topics, etc etc. Students will be in the same groups for the entire unit. Select your team wisely because all students in said groups will be graded the same – ask for clarification. If students have trouble finding a group, the teacher will give guidance… Students should make cue cards/note cards vs depending on large whiteboards

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Intelligence For Your Life (3,2,1 Podcast)

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