Re: Public Speaking/Debate

Students will focus on public speaking during this section of English. Students will use this section to help improve their public speaking skills. By the end of this unit, students should come to the understanding that having specific talking points and being comfortable will guide them through public speeches as well as life in general.. For sake of argument as well as entertainment, the public speaking prompts will revolve around debatable issues… 

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Re: Narrative Writing

Students will continue the Narrative Writing Activities for their 2nd major assessment, today. Students have begun the process with their Personal Character Wheel. Students will now learn about narrative writing with an emphasis on a personal story involving an experience. Students will also be given an assessment at the end of the activity to assess mastery levels. Above, are important links for the various activities students will participate in… 

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Re: Work Ethic (WE) Points

Summary + Purpose By definition work ethic is, “the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward.” At this stage in most student’s academic careers, the idea of intrinsic value has not been fully grasped. Hence, this classroom management technique/strategy is being introduced. There are two goals for this strategy, and they are as follows: parent communication and to provide students with a basic understanding of what it means to be productive while in the classroom.     

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Rhetorical Fallacy Game

Go to:

Summary: Students will use this website,, as a reference guide for the Rhetorical Fallacy Game. Students will be asked to come up with several scenarios that depict an argument using a rhetorical fallacy to defend their claims. Students will come up with as many scenarios as time allows. Students will be working in collaborative groups that will compete with other groups in the classroom. This will be used to gain better understanding as to what rhetorical fallacies are and how they are used during arguments. This game will also help students understand validity of an argument based on flawed logic. See details below for further instruction…

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Permission Slip – Of Mice & Men

We have completed reading John Steinbeck’s classic tale Of Mice and Men. Upon completion of the novel, we will be viewing the 1992 adaptation of the movie, but this, like the novel, has some strong language and adult situations. The rating for this movie is PG-13. Please fill out the form and check the appropriate box indicating whether or not your child has permission to view the movie. If you do not wish for your child to watch this movie, I will provide an alternative activity for them. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Essay Assignment Expectations (Major)

Students will be tasked with writing a 5 paragraph essay based on Of Mice and Men + Prompt. Students should pay attention to in class expectations as well as lectures on how to structure a 5 paragraph essay. Students will be given specific instructions/guidelines, below. Students will be given a text excerpt to pull evidence from as well as be expected to use the rest of the book to support their claims. Refer to the bottom of this document for point value and due date. Late work is highly discouraged. Plan accordingly.

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Of Mice & Men Test – Monday

Students will be taking a major assessment this Monday based on Of Mice & Men. 

  • Students are encouraged to study on their own.
  • Students should use their LOQs as a study guide.
  • Students should take time to re-read any material they didn’t understand


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