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Final Exam Expectations

Final Exam Review + Expectations 2nd Semester Final Exam Study Guide  10th On-Level English Final Exam will consist of two parts. The first part of the final exam will be a written component to assess writing/comprehension skills where students will respond … Continue reading

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Re: Passion Project

Passion Project Expectations via Google Docs Passion Project Rubric Students are often pressed with the question, what are you passionate about. The reply may come quickly to some, but for others, there is a struggle to truly know what one … Continue reading

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Roots Test – Tuesday, May 7th (Major)

Students will be assessed based on Root Lists 9- 16    Students should study Root Lists 9- 16    The assessment will count as students 3rd major assessment Roots Test on Tuesday, May 7th (Major Assessment)

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Exploratory Writing Unit (Expectations)

Exploratory Writing Unit Expectations via Google Docs Format Expectations + Prompts Argumentative Prezi Presentation Expository Writing via Prezi Presentation  Narrative Writing via Prezi Presentation Persuasive Writing via Prezi Presentation This unit will focus on different modes of writing. The unit … Continue reading

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Re: Parent/Guardian/Student Agreement (America To Me)

Permission Slip for students/parents Multimedia-Based Discussion Unit – Expectations 5, 4, 3, 2, +1 Viewing Guide America To Me During our last 9 weeks of school, students will be participating in a Multimedia-Based Discussion Unit. Students will be watching Snippets/Excerpts of … Continue reading

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Re: Formal Public Speaking/Debate Expectations

Open Expectations via Google Docs See Grading Rubric Teams for Debate + Format Expectations Things To Do – Debate Prep Task Summary: At the end of the unit, students will have a formal debate/assessment graded in accordance with the following … Continue reading

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Intelligence For Your Life (3,2,1 Podcast)

See Expectations for Podcast Listening via Stitcher + 3, 2, 1 Students will select from the following options and listen to various Podcast:  Intelligence For Your Life (default) Students will need earbuds/headphones. Students will complete a 3, 2, 1 Journal Entry … Continue reading

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